Authentic Essence of Crete

Blessed by God, Crete is a place of unique and combined beauty. From rugged mountains to heavenly secluded beaches and endless stretches of golden sand, the whole of the Minoan island caters for every kind of visitor. If it’s either relaxation or a holiday with a cultural twist you are looking for, you are sure to find both here.

It’s not hard to savor all the joys Crete has to offer as it would be difficult for them to hide! Each of Crete’s districts boasts an individual charm; but, if you are that discerning type of traveler who want to get the most out of their stay and take an in-depth taste of their holiday place, then visit Agios Nikolaos and experience the authentic essence of Crete.

Explore the stone-paved streets of Agios Nikolaos and finish your wandering in the famous Voulismeni Lake. Let the smooth sea breeze stroke your skin and head to the pine tree forest right above the lake to take in deep breaths of the prevailing pine aroma.

Famous for its exceptional cuisine, the biggest among the Aegean islands is a destination that foodies and many more will fall in love with. Thanks to its fertile grounds, local produce abounds in Crete making its cuisine rich in taste and aromas. Visit Terpsis Cretan restaurant at Minos Beach art hotel in Agios Nikolaos and delight your palate with some fine traditional cuisine prepared with pure olive oil, herbs grown in Cretan mountains, fresh fish and vegetables. For a sip of the world-famous raki and ouzo, anise-flavored alcoholic drinks; a morning Greek coffee to pick you up; or a selection of local meze, such as chochlioi bourbouristoi (snails cooked with rosemary…niom!), go to the cozy Kafenion café of the Candia Park village complex located a 10-minute drive away from the center of Agios Nikolaos.

Featuring stunning beaches, the coastline of Agios Nikolaos creates the perfect setting to feel the summer breeze and the aura coming from the crystal clear Cretan waters. Go for a swim on the private well-organized beach at Minos Palace, which apart from seclusion it also gives visitors the chance to soak up that all important Mediterranean sun, sea and sand!

Excite your senses with a visit to legendary Crete!

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