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Surrounded on all sides by the bright blue azure of the sea, dining at Minos Palace Hotel ensures a delicious culinary journey through the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean.

Dine at some of the best hotel restaurants in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, from the peaceful Amalthea main restaurant with it’s beautiful terrace overlooking the Mirabello Bay and menu of Greek and international dishes, to the Inblu All day lounge Bar Restaurant, where alfresco lunches are served on an idyllic, seafront location. Alternatively, head to the beachfront Island Bar to enjoy an exotic cocktail or refreshing soft drink, or relax in the hotel’s elegant main Bacchus Bar, with its contemporary nautical decor and menu of classic drinks, local wines and craft coffees.

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Cretan Cuisine & Conscious Eating

The Minos Palace guarantees an unrivalled culinary experience, inviting guests to experience some of the most exceptional restaurants and bars on Crete.

The day begins with a beautiful sea-view breakfast, served in the comfort of the Amalthea main restaurant. Enjoy an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes, including local specialities and international favourites. For lunch, the Inblu All day lounge Bar Restaurant gives guests the opportunity to taste the finest Cretan delicacies and tantalise their tastebuds with authentic traditional recipes from Greece and the wider Mediterranean region. Throughout the day, the hotel’s two elegant bars serve a range of drinks and light snacks, becoming extra-special in the evening as the sky turns gold and the sun dips below the horizonWe’re ditching the restrictive meal plans and limiting food groups just because, and instead, focusing on mindful eating. Intuitive eating—or slowing down when you eat and  learning how to follow hunger cues and cravings to create a healthier relationship with food —is finally the eating plan we can get behind

Authentic Cretan Food

With Giannis Baxevanis as a Chef consultant, dining at the Minos Palace is all about the art of Greek and Cretan cuisine, resulting in food that is simple, fresh and healthy.

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