Our Concept

Surrounded on all sides by the bright blue azure of the sea, dining at Minos Palace Hotel ensures a garden-to-plate journey through the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean.

We celebrate slow food and the ritual of cooking. Quality being our top priority, we also grow our own produce in our gardens. We care about good nutrition, thus we choose locally sourced ingredients and prepare delicious, healthy recipes.

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Cretan Cuisine & Mindful Eating

Every day we celebrate the ingenuity and taste of Cretan cuisine, showcasing unrivalled local products. From Amalthea main restaurant to Inblu Restaurant, we pass on the originality of Cretan cuisine, with a mindful twist. Our acclaimed chef consultant Giannis Baxevanis, shares our vision of a garden-to-plate approach, using unique, locally sourced ingredients to create authentic dining experiences.

At Minos Palace, we leave behind any restrictive meal plans and instead, focus on a mindful eating approach. Slow down and embrace your inner hunger cues to create a healthier relationship with food.

Cretan Cuisine & Mindful Eating

With wellness being an integral part of our dining concept, our dedicated diet consultants and wellness experts offer a personalisation of guests’ meals, tailoring their nutrition according to their needs. We create nourishing meals based on mindful eating, including dietary indications on our menus.

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