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Customs & Festivals

Discover Greek customs, the festivals and cultural events in Crete, with Minos Palace’s extensive calendar of local celebrations and traditional events.

Minos Palace hotel & suites encourages guests to engage with local customs and festivals on Crete during their visit, including:
  • July/August: The “Lato” summer cultural events in Agios Nikolaos
  • The festival of Agios Nikolaos on December the 6th, as well as the Resurrection and the burning of Judas on stage in the center of the lake in Agios Nikolaos.
  • The Resurrection at Toplou Monastery in Vai.
  • The summer cultural events and the Free – Fish Night in October at Elounda.
  • June - Naval Week, celebrated in ports around the island
  • The Tzemiado cultural association organises cultural events throughout the summer season.
  • The cultural events “Kirbia” in July or August
  • The “Kornaria” cultural events in July or August, the festival of “Soultanina” in August and the festival of Prophet Elias on July the 20th in Sitia.
  • August - Sitia Sultana Festival, a week-long celebration of grapes and wine
  • On the night of the last full moon in August, cultural events take place at many archaeological sites
  • Three – day cultural events in August, the liturgy at the church of Kera on August 15th and the festival of Metamorphosis on August the 6th in Kritsa.
  • 6th August - The festival of the Metamorphosis, with notable celebrations in Zakros
  • 15th August - Feast of the Assumption, a public holiday throughout Greece.  The festival of "Panagia" on August the 15th  in Neapolis.
  • 23rd August - Feast of Agios Titos, patron saint of Crete
  • 28th October - "Oxi" Day, a public holiday throughout Greece