A journey to the heart of luxury dining

The true meaning of life is when you live to the fullest, when you take full advantage and enjoy the joys and pleasures it has to offer. An idyllic time away in a spectacular place is one of the top pleasures you can pamper yourself with. Look no further: CRETE, the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean! And Sensimar Minos Palace, the majestic palace befitting a magical destination. Situated in a prime seafront location, this five-star resort is the ultimate destination for all the luxurious high class travelers and well-being enthusiasts worldwide!

However, apart from the unique relaxation and privacy that you will experience, you will have the opportunity to indulge in the gourmet, award-winning cuisine of its two top restaurants Amalthea and Culinarium inblu.

Amalthea Restaurant offers a dining experience second to none by combining perfectly, exceptional choices of Greek and international flavors with the most stunning view of Mirabello Bay. Warm and inviting environment, inspired menu, carefully prepared delights from high quality local ingredients ensure a culinary experience that surpasses expectations even of the most discerning travelers.

Special F&B theme nights, where diners are given the opportunity to enjoy flavors of the world, is a feature not to be missed!

Culinarum inblu takes the traditional idea of the tavern to a whole new level. Placed between the enchanting view of the endless sea and the fragrant gardens of Minos Palace, the Culinarum inblu al fresco restaurant introduces its esteemed guests to all the secrets of the Greek and Cretan gastronomy. Guests are welcome to discover the local cuisine with fine ingredients of the Cretan land and enjoy the most authentic flavors, whilst gazing at the azure of the sea.

Whether it’s the Greek cuisine or the local, unique Cretan recipes you choose from, you will take flight in an amazing dining experience and feel the deep and true essence of the Mediterranean nutrition.

The relaxing views of Mirabello Bay in combination with the excellent drinks will transform your luxurious dinner to a dreamy culinary experience. A vast and carefully selected wine list made of superb wineries from Crete and the rest of Greece along with a selection of exceptional champagnes and sparkling wines will give a sensual feel to what would simply result to… the best holidays of your life!

Photo credit @stefan_kil

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