Memories are feelings… of pure pleasure!

“Simple pleasures are life’s pleasures”

Pleasure is art. To generously offer pleasure is a philosophy and way of life. First you have to have mastered the art in its core in order to successfully offer it to the people who matter to you!

Pleasing someone is when you create the ideal environment for experiencing unique flavors, with a delightful culinary journey to the depths of the most exclusive cuisine of the world, the Mediterranean. It is when you pamper your guests giving them the opportunity to free their minds and souls and awaken their senses in a luxurious spa by the sea.

Making them feel an integral part of the landscape as they unite with nature. Exploring the majesty of the sea as you discover the magnificent underworld.

You sit there, gazing at the sea as you’re getting ready to dive in. You jump in and magically this simple dive becomes a journey to the deep as you distance yourself from the shore. The water becomes colder, the salt numbs your lips, time stops and your heart starts pounding. You immediately stop thinking and you find yourself wondering around the beauty of the deep. Then as you go up to the surface to catch your breath, everything is replaced by the sound of the waves and the seagulls. This journey has ended, but only till the next time you’ll be in her arms!”

Photo credit: @nastyathecherry
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