Eternal summer…eternal romance!

Where reality joins the tale, the dream in which an eternal love story lives, is born.

Your eyelids feel heavy, you close your eyes and start to sink into a peaceful sleep. The dream begins and a magical world awakens. You find yourself wondering in an enchanted Palace, like you’re in a fairy tale, where the fairies of nature are dancing along with the nymphs of the sea under the unique starry Cretan sky.

You can hear them calling you to come closer to offer their gifts and as you approach, you feel lighter and lighter of anything that is a burden. You are now free to experience the romance and the extraordinary.

As the dream comes to an end, you open your eyes and instinctively look out of the window at the broad horizon. A peculiar sense of joy and happiness possesses you as you’re falling in love with the beautiful Cretan landscape. Then you remember the gift the magical creatures offered in your dream. You realize that Sensimar Minos Palace has cast its spell on you!

Photo Credit:  @ ganesh_neumair
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