Let King Minos be your guide and explore the beauty of the Cretan landscape.

The best way to know the island is to follow the coastline from the east to the west. A luxury destination with rare history and beauty unfolds before the eyes of its visitors, to which the impression that they are guided by King Minos himself, is given.

Beautiful Mirabello! The name is Italian and means “Oh look, how nice!”. The story says that the Venetians were left speechless when they saw the bay and that’s when they gave it the name it has today. Crystal clear waters, rugged beaches and a magical seabed waiting to be discovered, make for a sensational experience.

Moving further towards Agios Nikolaos, we find the lake « Voulismeni” where -as the mythology says- the goddesses Athena and Artemis were taking their bath. There are many mysteries and local legends covering the lake with one of them saying it’s bottomless. For us it is certainly gorgeous! But beauty does not stop here. The town of Agios Nikolaos with the colorful neoclassical houses and the picturesque harbor, looks like an island within the island.

At the entrance of Elounda, stands proudly the small island of Spinalonga as a natural fortress of the bay. Spinalonga has linked its name to a very dark period of Crete and the whole of Greece, which fortunately has left behind but made it famous around the world through an award-winning book and tv show. The island still maintains a strange feeling and an aura of mystery that is beyond words. One should visit in order to understand and feel it. Entering inside the Elounda Gulf is like entering a small paradise that demonstrates in the best way that King Minos exists as a breeze that embraces the natural landscape and gives it its aristocratic status. Sensimar Minos Palace stands at the heart of these magical spots. Awarded as one of the best resort in Crete with a unique royal aura and panoramic views, the hotel fully justifies its name by offering visitors a unique experience of tranquility and relaxation holidays along with life changing moments exactly as its guests have dreamed!

Feel like a king and book your stay to a magical experience. Learn more about the Sensimar Minos Palace offers here: www.minospalace.com

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