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This program aims at the metabolic detoxification of the organism through activation of targeted metabolic pathways of self regulation and well being of the organism and includes

The TGR protocol
Two online 45 minute sessions each with nutritionists, which will take place at the beginning and at the end of each program through our innovative e clinic platform

  • An online session with our doctor specialist in the middle of the program, lasting one hour, through the eclinic
  • Complete hermatological and hormonal control through blood
  • Daily specially designed menu with 5 meals and 3 dishes per meal per day
  • Daily regulatory exercise program for four weeks
  • Complete electronic reports of the results, their evaluation and scientific advice, through the e clinic platform for a period of 3 months
  • One month follow up, with 2 nutrition programs through the e clinic
  • Personalized nutrition therapy throughout the client’s stay at Minos Palace


• Immediate and functional detoxification of the body
• The elimination of fluids from the body
• Cellular rejuvenation
• Metabolic recovery
• The relaxation and reduction of daily stress

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