Based on our philosophy , at Bluegr Hotels and Resorts we are committed to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality, executive services, creative gastronomy , beautiful surroundings, regional culture and customs . Our day to day operations and actions are taking into account the whole picture, addressing the social, environmental and economic aspects.

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Protection of the environment has become a top priority for all of us at “bluegr” Hotels & Resorts.  The services provided by our hotels as well as all the work done both inside them and outdoors, always take place insuring at the same time the protection of the environment.
More specifically:

  • We operate according to the Environmental Management System, selecting the appropriate material and planning its proper management in order to prevent any damage to the environment.
  • We have recorded our activities’ environmental consequences and set our targets accordingly.
  • We comply with the environmental legislation.
  • We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We apply procedures and controls in our production processes, as well as the selection of our approved suppliers and partners carried out through periodic reviews.
  • Our company applies a certified Environmental Management System
    according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard (latest version).

The Environmental Policy has been communicated to all our employees and partners and is available to the public.


As far as its personnel is concerned, our company:

  • Complies with legislative requirements for workers and human rights legislation.
  • Treats its employees equally, regardless of their age, their possible disabilities, their nationality, their gender, their race, their religion, their sexual preference. Some 2021 percentages in Minos Palace are shown in the following pie charts:

  • We give everyone equal rights and opportunities for professional progress.
  • We train our employees every year so that they are well aware of the processes in which they are involved. More specifically for this period, in addition to their usual training, they attended training programs concerning the new COVID protocols and procedures and how to protect themselves during their work. We also provided free of charge all the P.P.E. that was required.
  • Our employees are paid with a salary that exceeds the Collective Labor Agreements. In 2021, a worth of €100.000 bonus in total was given to the “front-line” staff.
  • All employees keep their eight-hour workday and are paid extra when and if they work overtime.
  • We are committed to investigating any employee’s complaint about mistreatment or unfair treatment possible, coming from the company.

Local Community

  • Each year, we try to hire more local employees. In 2021, we managed to have 96% of our personnel coming from the local community (see previous pie chart).
  • We prefer local suppliers, as shown in the graph below:

  • We contributed with clothing to the earthquake victims of the Minoa Municipality as well as to the artificial kidney unit of the General Hospital of Agios Nikolaos.
  • Every year our Blood Donors Association proceeds to blood donations.

Performance – Targeting

Our organization has set and monitors several business goals related to sustainable development, which are distinguished at various levels. By reaching them, we will contribute to a balanced development and a wise management of natural resources.  Having started to keep a record of the current situation, we were able to set objective and measurable goals

Target: Increase of recycling of materials (paper, glass, etc.) by 5%.

Target: Reduction of water consumption by 5%.

Our goal is to reduce the consumption of water by applying:

  • Regular leak checks.
  • Raise of the awareness of our customers using informative material in the rooms.
  • Recording and controlling water consumption.
  • Informing and training staff on good practices concerning water use.
  • Installation of economy mechanisms in the water taps and flushes.

Target: Reduction of total energy consumption by 5%.

We observe that there is an increase in energy compared to 2019 and this is mainly due to:

  • The implementation of sanitary protocols that require the use of air conditioning and ventilation with open windows.
  • Additional exterior lighting for new gardens.
  • Increase of the frequency of thermal shocks of water
  • The renovation planned for the new season in several rooms using KNX systems (smart rooms), will contribute to the achievement of the above goal.

Target: Reduction of chemicals by 5%.

We notice that we have an increase in consumption, which is justified by the implementation of the new protocols due to COVID. All our cleaning products have an Ecolabel and also have:

  • Off-the-floor sealed systems, without chemical residues – the total of the amount of cleaning product is used to the last drop, with the help of gravity.
  • Safe packaging, the chemical does not come in contact with the user.
  • Significant reduction of plastic packaging (environmental surcharge): 70-95% compared to conventional packaging. The volume & packing weight is minimized thanks to Flexitainer, a container that shrinks as it empties.

 With the continuous training of the staff and the raising of awareness of the customers, we will try to achieve our goal.

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