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Discover Wellness Holistic Retreat

Infuse Wellness Into your Life – the easy way
September 16-18, 2022 

Kick start your wellness journey at Minos Palace and maintain resilience in everyday life.

Win the Day, Every Day

Discover Wellness Holistic Retreat aims to create a space to give permission to yourself to prioritize your wellbeing and self-care while enjoying the unique beauty and hospitality of Crete. Our unique approach to optimal health & wellness provides you a distinctive combination of holistic experiences that allows you to disconnect from your daily routine and reset.

Our experienced wellness coaches and trainers will help you break through boundaries and bring calmness into your life.

The retreat’s itinerary consists of early peaceful mornings and fitness sessions aiming to transform your life and skyrocket your energy, gamechanger workshops to inspire you to improve your daily habits, hikes in Cretan nature to introduce you to the benefits of inner long-lasting peace and blissful dinners to connect and have fun, creating memorabilia to take back home with you.

Create now your own personalized and lifelong wellness regime, increase mindfulness, change your days ahead, relax your senses and indulge into unrivaled Cretan products, herbs and flavors.

Retreat Goals

  • Learn the tools of holistic wellbeing and discover what is wellness for you.
  • Create your own personalized and lifelong wellness regime.
  • Reconnect with your inner balance.
  • Unwind from physical and mental stress.
  • Εnhance your holistic retreat and dive into the Cretan hospitality to feel renewed and revitalized.

Meet the Team

Veronica & Natalia. Two lifelong friends focusing on well-being, resilience, and fulfillment one step at a time. Crazy passionate about achieving wellness while running busy lives. As entrepreneurs, we’d rather be a part of the change than talk about the need for it. In a world that is facing more challenges than ever, we need to start doing things differently. Old ways and approaches are no longer sufficient. Our purpose is to create Holistic Retreats for everyone who wants to restart, move, rest, taste, and enjoy life, day after day.​ Join us to evolve and create a lifestyle that is more peaceful, grounded, and connected.

Veronica is a wellness & Miracle Morning Trainer

Natalia is a Performance & Development Coach

Our Partners

Holistic Retreat Co is a Wellness & Coaching event planning company with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and is offering tailor-made conceptual retreats and luxury events in the most alluring destinations of Greece and abroad, for the most enchanting experiences by mountains or sea. Every year, they design only a limited number of inspiring Wellness & Coaching Retreats, where fresh ideas meet relaxation and mindfulness to spark harmony for the aligned body and mind.

Contact us at for further information and secure your spot!

Minos Palace - Discover Wellness Holistic Retreat
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