Memories are feelings… of sensing the exceptional!

“Memories are special moments that tell our story”

Making someone feel special is easy. All it takes is a warm smile. Like when you enter the hotel’s lobby and the first person you see greets you with a smile, letting you know that you are a part of a big family. Creating and sharing memories.

Creating memories are the best way to express your feelings and show how much you value your time spent with people you love. Maybe a memory of last night’s dinner, or staying up all night at the balcony talking, having as background a 360 view of a magnificent starry sky. Or maybe it’s that morning when you did the craziest sky diving together!

Waiting for the right moment. That very special moment were you lay your soul bare and you allow yourself to feel one with the surrounding. That’s when you’ve genuinely have let go of inhibitions and dive in to a unique experience that you feel like sharing everyday… till the next time you’ll be there.

And you will surely find yourself coming back. There… where it all began!

Photo credit: @zechian

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