Memories are feelings… of unsurpassed hospitality!

“Hospitality is when someone feels at home in your presence”

Hospitality is an inseparable part of Cretan lifestyle and our philosophy. In order to fully comprehend it one must start from its core.

Our approach is unique because we have learned the values of the Greek lifestyle by the values of the Greek family and so the true meaning of love and the sense of giving are deeply infused in our family. We believe in bringing people closer, eliminating distances and building strong bonds. We create the perfect combination of a warm home and a luxurious getaway.

“We have enjoyed our stay so much! It was like visiting friends really! The people made us feel comfortable from the minute we stepped in the lobby, the cuisine was an unforgettable experience as we explored all the different parts of the Greek and Cretan gastronomy. We felt so overwhelmed by the warmth and love of our hosts that we made the promise to them and to ourselves to never forget and definitely come back as it has now become our second home!”

Photo credit: @ katerinakvit 
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