Eucrasia, as first defined by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, is the equilibrium of the 4 humors of body, for ideal physical constitution.

Eucrasia was founded with the purpose of delivering an integrated wellness experience through the integrated method of IMMOT – Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy – which has evolved through our scientific development of the basic Hippocratic approach to preventive medicine.

The IMMOT supports you towards becoming your own healer through physical , physical and psycho emotional balancing programmes that include clinical tests, mindful customized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, metabolic and physical rehabilitation, respiratory exercises, scientifically targeted body workout , rejuvenation of the skin and psychosomatic awareness.

IMMOT programs aim at the metabolic detoxification of the organism and include:

  • The TGR protocol — Total Glucose Reset — an innovative protocol for the evaluation of our body’s metabolic disorders at the level of fuel management and energy production.
  • Two online 45-minute sessions each with nutritionists, which will take place at the beginning and at the end of each program through our innovative e-clinic platform.
  • An online session with our doctor-specialist in the middle of the program, lasting one hour, through the e-clinic.
  • Complete hermatological and hormonal control through blood
  • Daily specially designed menu with 5 meals and 3 dishes per meal per day.
  • Daily regulatory exercise program for four weeks
  • Complete electronic reports of the results, their evaluation and scientific advice, through the e-clinic platform for a period of 3 months.
  • One month follow-up, with 2 nutrition programs through the e-clinic
  • Personalized nutrition therapy throughout the client’s stay at Minos Palace.

• Immediate and functional detoxification of the body
• The elimination of fluids from the body
• Cellular rejuvenation
• Metabolic recovery
• The relaxation and reduction of daily stress

Minos Palace - Concept
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