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Take time to focus on yourself and shift awareness to your own being at Minos Palace hotel & suites, a luxury wellness destination in Crete. Wellness constitutes a holistic approach to health, covering mind, body and beauty. It is purposed to tune us to our body, enhancing self-responsibility. It strengthens the mind, focusing on mindfulness. It broadens our connection to nature and our environmental sensibility.
To create a holistic connection between body, soul and the environment, based on the Ancient Greek philosophy.
During our 5 days retreat, explore the divine duality within yourself and dive deeper into the connection of mind and body, with the help of the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Dates: 24 – 29 October, 2022
Aims to reach and support those wanting to develop their movement and feel the transformative benefits of the Pilates Method.

Dates: 15 – 19 October, 2022
To achieve the aim of the “well healed” guest, our hotel’s wellness experience consists of our wellness programs & packages.
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