amar Restaurant

A tribute to the timeless wisdom of Mediterranean cuisine and the nutrition for longevity. Fresh and restorative ingredients are locally sourced and handled with passion and wisdom passed down through generations. amar promises an enlivening dining experience, nourishing body and mind. Rich in nutrients, that have been scientifically proven to benefit health span, the Cretan diet goes hand in hand with the promise of longevity.

From a refreshing start to the day to epicurean moments in the evening, our exquisite chefs and sommeliers orchestrate a symphony of local dishes and wines that meet the tastes of the world. Immerse in flavours and scents that tell tales of lush olive groves, azure seas, and gratitude to the surrounding nature. Herbs from our very own gardens form the basis of an authentic, sustainable, and seasonal experience. The serene atmosphere of a sun-kissed terrace and the organic shapes of contemporary design invite our guests at amar to create memories that last forever.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek word for eternal amárantos

Breakfast 07:00 – 10:30
All day à la carte menu 12.30-22.30
Dinner buffet 19:00 – 22:00

Minos Palace - amar Restaurant
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