Packing for Crete: the 5 most useful tips

Packing for Crete: the 5 most useful tips

There’s nothing more exciting than going on holiday, particularly when Crete is your final destination! However, many people find packing less than enjoyable, which is where our handy guide comes in. Read on to discover our top tips for heading to your holiday with ease.

  1. Don’t buy anything you can buy at your destination.

    Shampoo and conditioner bottles can take up a lot of room and most hotel will provide these amenities for free. Similarly, a small bottle of sun cream should suffice and you can easily pick up extra at your resort or in local shops.

  2. Fold your light colored clothes inside out!

    When packing, remember to fold your light colored clothes inside out. This will stop them getting marked or stained by anything else in your suitcase. Shoes should be wrapped in plastic bags (shower caps are also good for covering just the soles) and placed at the bottom of your luggage in order to balance the weight. Similarly, rolling your clothes up rather than folding them saves a lot of extra space, and also means the fabrics won’t get creased in  transit!

  3. Invest in a Kindle.

    Bookworms should consider investing in a Kindle, perfect for downloading any number of books without taking up the baggage space. Alternatively, only take with you cheap paperbacks that you won’t mind leaving behind, perfect for filling the extra space with souvenirs on your return trip.

  4. Label your suitcase.

    Arriving in a new country after a long flight can be stressful, particularly when you’ve got a bus to catch or a transfer to meet. Avoid a meltdown at the baggage carousel by labelling your suitcase with colorful luggage tags, ribbons and stickers. This is particularly important if you have a plain, black suitcase!

  5. Pack light in your hang luggage.

    Finally, no matter how well you plan, there is always the dismal chance that your luggage gets lost in transit. To avoid further stress in this situation, always be sure to pack your valuables plus a change of clothes in your hand luggage.

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