Indulge in the finest Cretan cuisine at Minos Palace hotel & suites, among the finest restaurants in Crete. Nourish your soul with delicious and healthy meals, celebrating the essence of Greek and Cretan flavors. We showcase unrivaled local products while supporting local communities, creating a culinary experience that is simple, fresh, and mindfully delightful.
At Minos Palace hotel & suites, wellness is an integral part of our dining concept. We provide an authentic, garden-to-plate experience, made with local ingredients and based on traditional recipes.
Our culinary team prepares food that is fresh and healthy, all served up in a relaxing, natural environment where the pure Mediterranean scenery sets the mood.
Surrounded on all sides by the bright blue azure of the sea, dining at any of our restaurants ensures a delicious culinary journey through the tastes and flavours of Crete and the Mediterranean.
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